Diabetic Eye Health Exam

Having an eye exam each year is important for people with diabetes.

Diabetes that is not well managed can lead to eye-related problems such as diabetic retinopathy. An annual eye exam can help detect diabetic eye diseases so they can be addressed early.

Diabetes causes people to have too much sugar in their blood. This happens when people aren’t producing insulin in their bodies (Type 1) or when the body resists insulin (Type 2). Insulin is a hormone that helps reduce sugar (also called glucose) in the blood stream. Too much glucose can lead to serious health issues, affecting the heart, kidneys and eyes. One of the early signs of diabetes is a change in vision.   

Diabetic retinopathy is a serious concern for people with diabetes and the number-one cause of vision loss. If a person’s blood sugar level is not under good control, blood vessels in the eye can be damaged and hurt vision. This can possibly result in blindness.

Another concern is diabetic macular edema, which can occur when high blood sugar causes fluid to leak into the retina.

Our doctors at the Stiles Eye Group recommend that anyone with diabetes get an annual dilated eye exam to check for micro-vascular issues that affect people with diabetes. Our eye doctors check the retina (back of the eye) for signs of retinopathy, as well as the macula (center of the retina) for diabetic macular edema.

At an annual eye exam, we will:

• Dilate your eyes to look at the retinas

• See if you need corrective lenses

• Check your eye pressure for signs of glaucoma

• Identify other concerns unrelated to diabetes, such as cataracts and dry eye

diabetic eye health exam
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