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Cataract & Refractive Services

A cataract refers to the clouding of the lens that sits in the eye behind the pupil. Though most cataracts are age-related, they can also be present at birth or related to other medical conditions. If you are experiencing symptoms from the list at the bottom of this page, you should strongly consider scheduling an appointment. Stiles Eye Group will conduct a visual acuity test as well as pupil dilation so that we can get a close-up look at your eye’s retina and determine if you have cataracts. If you have cataracts, we can provide you with a cataract surgery consultation to determine the best course of action to take for your specific conditions.

Do you hate your eyeglasses and/or contact lenses, but need them to see? Has your prescription remained the same for the past few years? If the answers to these questions are both yes, you may qualify for refractive surgery to correct your vision issues. Contact us for a refractive surgery consultation for more details.

Symptoms of Cataracts

• Cloudy, blurry, or dimmed vision

• Light sensitivity and glare

• Need for brighter lights to read

• Double vision in a single eye


• Fading or yellowing of colors

• Increased nearsightedness

• Distortion of vision in either eye

If you are in need of cataract & refractive eye services, call our office today.


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