dry eye syndrome
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Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome (DES), is also known as Ocular Surface Disease (OSD).  

Dry eye symptoms can be mild to debilitating, very frustrating, and they tend to get worse. If you are suffering from DES our doctors at Stiles Eye Group have the solution for you. DES is a chronic condition and the management of it is an ongoing process, but our dry eye treatments make management much easier.

While almost all our patients with dry eye think they don’t make enough tears, it is not always that simple.  DES is more like putting together a jigsaw puzzle to find the root cause condition.

The composition of the tears, the eye surface, the delicate eyelid oil producing glands, and the eyelids are like the large pieces of the puzzle. The amount of video screen time, medications, inflammation, diet, sleep pattern, genetics, and lifestyle are important and can contribute as the smaller pieces of the puzzle. State of the art diagnostic equipment allows our doctors the ability to evaluate all the pieces in order to have an effective personal management plan. It is important to get ahead of more serious complications.

List of common symptoms associated with Dry Eye Syndrome/Ocular Surface Disease

• Dry Sensation

• Scratchy, Gritty Feeling

• Burning

• Stinging

• Itching

• Excess Tearing (watery eyes)

• Mucous Discharge

• Irritation from Wind or Smoke

• Redness

• Tired Eyes

• Light Sensitivity

• Contact Lens Discomfort

• Contact Lens Solution Sensitivity

• Foreign body sensation

• Lid Infections / Sties

• Sensitivity to Artificial Tears

• Eyelids Stuck Together at Awakening

If you are suffering from dry eye syndrome call our office today.


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