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Myopia Management (control)

Myopia is a refractive error causing distance vision to be blurry. The myopic eye is typically longer than the non-myopic eye. Myopia often occurs during childhood when the eye is still growing and the earlier it occurs, the more likely the myopia will worsen if appropriate interventions are not employed.

Family history (genetics) and lifestyle are the main reasons myopia incidence is increasing. Reduced time spent outdoors and increased screen time indoors increase the risk of myopia.

Leaving progressive myopia unaddressed may contribute to the development of more severe sight-threatening complications later in life, including retinal detachment, myopic maculopathy, glaucoma and earlier development of cataracts.

What is myopia management?

Myopia management involves using special soft contact lenses, or prescription eye drops and/or lifestyle changes to slow or stop the progression of myopia. A myopia management (control) program may include one or more of the following methods.

Dual Focus Soft Lenses

Myopia management with soft contact lenses uses specially designed optics to focus light on the retina in such a way as to keep the eye from elongating (increasing axial length) thereby slowing or stopping the progression of myopia.

Low Dose Atropine Drops

Studies show that a low dose of atropine, typically administered as eye drops in the evening, has the potential to significantly slow the progression of myopia in children.

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